This product is ideal for businesses with a turnover of under $10 million dollars providing road and freight services. There is often considerable capital costs, with fine margins, a lot in keeping trucks on the road, good drivers in the company and endless pressure from clients about price.

Because some potential clients may already be reporting on an accrual basis to the ATO then there may be a need to consider structural changes to move to reporting on a cash basis. This could be very worthwhile, we have seen businesses losing $100k in cash flow because they are paying GST on money they haven’t received, and with the need to pay wages and the fuel account every month this already could bring cash flow relief for your business. (We can discuss this in detail)

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Introducing the simplest, uncomplicated way to have your accounts, BAS and tax returns completed – without stress, difficulty or time wasting that is usually involved when you are doing everything yourself.


Get on with running the business and making money, without stressing about paperwork and the complexity of the GST calculations for this industry, worrying about the taxman, knowing that your
lodgements are all up to date.


The Cunning Fox takes away all that time wasting of the past and gives you the most comprehensive accounting and tax solution that is not only accurate and effective, but also probably the most competitive option in the market place.


We are able to offer an extremely competitive way for your accounts to be completed, cash report presented, BAS lodged and tax returns done.

How it works


We complete all transactions through the bank account and card or cards associated with that account ONLY – NO cash receipts (constant handling of cash is waving a red flag to the ATO and who needs the aggravation anyway).


Complete diesel and other fuel rebates through your monthly or weekly fuel accounts


Payroll is completed through our payroll system


We complete all the bookkeeping, accounting, cash flow reporting, profit and loss, balance sheet and lodge BAS and tax returns.


What you do –

Sign up to be our client.

Sign in to the Precis Accounting bank feed so we never ask for statements again

Supply us with copies of financial agreements that relate to your business (car leases, equipment leases etc.), plus any other information you think we may need.
And we are ready to go.



What you do after –

Any new finance agreements (Don’t forget to discuss with us the best form of finance for your business, trucks lose their value quickly and you don’t what to be left with big payouts)

Check the monthly accounts completed that we send to you, sign the BAS and the tax returns when due.

Ask any questions about the accounts you have.

Get on with your business.
That’s it
Nothing else.

What we do –

Having the information from the bank feed, complete your accounts and send you the cash report (cruncher).

Having the information from the bank feed, complete your accounts and send these to you every month.

Every quarter complete your BAS and every year pass through the annual accounts for lodgement and signature. Easy for you.

A quick Cunning Fox service that allows you to get on with your business, with Precis Accounting.

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One Fee– no extras for bookkeeping or accounting. No extras for BAS and tax lodgements, no extra for taking to your accountant – we don’t care how many times you contact us with a query.

All information of your finances are constantly sent to you. You can see the financial statements, BAS and tax returns. How much you have made and what you owe in tax.

It’s easy to audit our work with the information we give you.

You don’t need to worry about subscribing to an accounting package The Cunning Fox does the work for you.

You don’t need to waste time learning how to use an accounting program or be embarrassed about asking how to use it – The Cunning Fox does it all for you.

It may look like a virtual accounting service, but your accountant is there to help, answer questions and help you understand the reports and the finances of your business – no limit.

Our unique number cruncher report, allows you to review and check work and understand your cash flow as well as accounts without making reading accounts a “turnoff”.

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A couple of really obvious questions

So let me ask you again – after paying $106.00 including GST per week there is nothing else to pay?

That’s right that’s the fee plus payroll which will depend on the number of staff you have.
That’s right – that’s the bookkeeping, accounting, BAS, and tax returns all rolled into one fee.

What if I am behind in my accounts?

We can help you – and quickly.
We can complete a catch-up of all the accounts and lodgements.
In most cases we can complete this for the same price as the program, and we will have you up to date and compliant quickly, and we will talk to the taxman if needed so you don’t have that stress.

Why does this deal include payroll?

One of the major costs to an accounting firm is auditing payroll at the end of the year, to send out group certificates and complete a PAYG summary.
By offering a competitive payroll service, we are able to keep everything up to date with our own Audits.
If the ATO came looking for an audit we would be ready.

What about creditor’s ledger and any debtors I may have?

Because we are reporting on a cash basis, and can do so up to $10 million dollars of turnover, the creditor’s ledger and debtor’s ledger are not needed to complete the accounts for the Australian Taxation Office.
You keep the creditors and debtors’ ledger as well as make payment when the bills are due.
When you pay the bills or collect a debt that is when they become part of the reportable accounts.